VintFest will be an exciting mix of fabulous food and devilish drinks as well everything we’ve already mentioned.

The Food

Everything we serve over the course of the weekend will have a nod to the hard times, when certain foods we’re a luxury and diets were limited.  Although we’ve taken spam fritters and pork faggots of the menu this year, we’ve still tried to keep it as retro as possible, without offending your taste buds!

Clicker here to view the VintFest retro menu

Afternoon Tea

We will be offering Afternoon Tea all weekend, with the help of the talented Crafty Cakes. Allow yourself to travel back in time with our classic crockery, a good old fashioned doily and a slice of Victoria sponge! Or if you want something with a twist, try our prohibition tea. Keep reading to find out what this is!

Click here to view VintFest Afternoon Tea Menu

The DrinkProhibition-Closed-Sign

In a nod to the tough times during the war, and how alcohol was prohibited, we’ll be coming up with an inventive way to serve our cocktails down at our speakeasy. Our cocktails will be disguised as a traditional English brew, with a twist, so you don’t get caught sipping the banned sauce… But shhh, don’t tell the fuzz we’re here.